Celebrities Who Use The Law Of Attraction

We all wonder from time to time how celebrities got their fame.  These individuals have achieved levels of success that only a few can reach. What did they do that’s any different from you or myself? Was it their work ethic? Their personality? If that’s the case then why am I not famous yet lol I work hard and have a good personality. Can you tell? Seeking for the truth, I did some research on the most successful people in the world and I’ve found a common trait that they all share… they all believe and actively use the law of attraction.

The “law” of attraction is a “law” for a reason. It’s real and apparent in our everyday lives. Have you ever noticed that if you have a positive attitude more positive things happened to you that day? Have you noticed that if you’re in a bad mood things happen to make it worse? That is the law of attraction at it’s finest, you attract what you believe and what you are

I understand some of you may be asking, well how did they become successful through the idea of simply believing?”In case you may not already know The Law of Attraction is simply not about the concept of belief, one has to also put those beliefs into action.  For example, if you want to me a famous singer, the first step would be to believe you can actually become that famous singer one day. Then, you must start practicing singing everyday and continue to work on your singing until your dreams become a reality. This may not happen immediately but you will get there one day if you truly believe. Today, I want to share with you 3 incredible stories of celebrities who used the law of attraction to their benefit.

Jim Carey 

My personal favorite story is the one of Jim Carey. Prior to becoming famous, Jim Carey would drive to Muholland Drive in Los Angeles and literally visualized producers and directors wanting to work with him and complimenting him on his craft. He did this daily.  In 1995 he wrote himself  $10,000,000 check for “Acting services rendered” that he kept in his wallet.  Thanksgiving of 1995 he was paid $10,000,000 for Dumb And Dumber! Mind blowing right? No wonder it’s my favorite.

Oprah Winfrey

Who doesn’t know Oprah? Oprah  has dedicated a whole show on the law of attraction before. Oprah tells Larry King that prior to being in the movie The Color Purple in 1984 she read the book and became obsessed with it. She bought the book for all her friends and thought about it non stop. As soon as she moved to Chicago, she got a call from a casting director to be in a movie (she had never been asked to be in one before and knew none of the directors) and it turned to be for The Color Purple.

Will Smith

Will Smith talks about the law of attraction in this video. This is one of the most inspirational videos i’ve ever seen.

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