The Unbelievable Side Effects of Focus

Side effects of focus? Is there really such a thing? At his point you’re probably thinking, “Quadrell you’re crazy there are no side effects of focus”. Well I’m here to tell you that yes, there are side effects of focus and if you keep reading you will discover 4 major side effects.

  1. Less Drama – Did the little voice in your head go, “ohhh that’s what he means by side effects”.  Yes indeed, the more you focus on something positive the less drama you will have in your life. On the contrary if you focus on drama, you will have more drama of course.
  2. Accomplishments – The more you focus, the more you will achieve. It’s as simple as that. I dare you to put your focus into something and I can almost guarantee that you will succeed. This will result in a snowball effect, the more you achieve the more confident you will become, which will result in even more success. Now this may not come immediately, but eventually you will succeed.
  3. Abundance –  This will vary depending on what you decide to focus on. For example, if you decide to focus on chasing your dreams, then you may end up with an abundance of money.  If you focus on surrounding yourself with good friends, then you will have an abundance of them.
  4. The Life You Deserve – If you want the life you deserve you must focus. There is no question about it. If you take a look at any “successful” person had to have an extreme level of focus to get to where they are in life. So what that means for you is to find what you love, and focus intensely on it. Do the thing you love every single day until it becomes like second nature to you.

Focus on the things that will improve your life. Don’t take your life for granted life is too short. It won’t be easy but if you learn to focus, you have learned a major skill in succeeding in life.

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